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corona virus warriors
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  • Post published:Apr 29, 2020
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The global pandemic COVID-19 has completely changed the perception of the world. During this time, when a significant portion of the globe is stuck inside their homes, the essential service providers are working overtime to keep the realm going. The prominence of these services and helpers is gradually coming into light. Today, the real heroes of the world are the coronavirus helpers who have emerged out as the backbone of society.


corona virus helpers
corona virus helpers

So who are these coronavirus helpers? At the time of this global pandemic, several individuals are working day in and day out to protect the world and save the lives of the people. These individuals have put their life on stake to make sure that the community is operating smoothly. 

Coronavirus helpers are not only limited to doctors, nurses, and the entire healthcare industry. Other service providers like researchers, volunteers, workers in the supermarkets and grocery stores, goods/ commodities transport industry workers, powerline workers, security services, etc. are also included in essential services. During this time, when the entire world has come to stand still, these generous and altruistic people are working unconditionally to ensure a good life for us.

All the workers in the healthcare industry are working tirelessly to make sure that people are thriving in this drastic situation. The nurses, doctors, and personal assistants come in direct contact with the patients and possess a high risk of getting infected. COVID-19 is a dangerous disease that has taken the whole world by a storm. It is a highly contagious disease that causes respiratory illness and can also be life-threatening in several instances. 

Here are some of the front-line heroes who are driving the society in the present times:-

  1. Scientists and researchers are working relentlessly to come up with the vaccine for COVID-19. 
  2. Doctors, nurses, and all the health care workers are also assisting the people 24*7 and taking care of their treatment and health.
  3. Transport workers are delivering goods and other crucial items. Their services are indispensable, and they are fulfilling their duty without any conditions.
  4. Workers at the grocery stores are also going to work to make sure that people are not exempted from any requirement. They are putting their lives at a massive risk in this process.
  5. Teachers and educators are also adapting to the new ways so that no student incurs a loss in their knowledge gaining process. 
  6. Police officers and the people in the security forces are also working extra-hours to maintain discipline and supervise the functionality of the society. They are also at a tremendous risk of catching the disease. 
  7. Many volunteers have also come forward to provide their services and aid to help the situation. Donations in the form of money, masks, sanitizers, blood, and other essential items from the various sources have also proved to be a significant help. 

Several of these workers have resorted to self-quarantine, because of the potential risk of spreading the disease. In this stride, they are unable to contact and meet their close ones. All these sacrifices from these magnanimous personalities should not go unnoticed. They are conducting a herculean task and carrying the burden of the whole world on their shoulders. Time has come to give the coronavirus helpers the respect and recognition that they deserve.


supporting coronavirus helpers
supporting coronavirus helpers

People all over the world have come together and celebrated the efforts of the essential workers in numerous ways. As a tribute, people in the New York city clap every evening at 7 pm, standing near their balconies of windows to thank the health care providers. People are also spreading and posting thank you signs and messages for these workers, and corporations are providing donations and meals for them.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested the entire nation to come to their balconies on 22nd March 2020 and clap in solidarity with all the doctors and other essential workers. Similarly, on 5th April 2020, people shut down the lights in their homes. They lit candles and diyas to celebrate the contribution of the doctors, nurses, police officers, and other workers during such hard times.  

Other nations have also come forward to show their support in innovative ways. Google has also joined this course and launched a series of google doodles to extend their support for these healthcare workers. 


At this time, even a little help can prove to be a significant contribution. We all need to bring our heads together and work as a unit. Following the government orders and practicing social distancing can significantly help in normalizing the situation quickly. Other than this, we can contribute by volunteering for the services. Donations can also help. Helping the needy and homeless people by providing them food is the primary form of humanitarian assistance that we call are capable of delivering. Just make sure that you take all the necessary precautionary measures. 

The current situation calls for the corporation of the masses. People need to put aside their differences and make the health of the world their priority. It is not the first time in the history of the world where we are facing such a situation. Therefore, be alert and support the coronavirus helpers. With collective efforts and corporation, we can defeat this pandemic and save humanity. 

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