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How to improve your brain functioning power


The brain is an essential organ in the human body. There was a time when ancient Egyptians believed that the brain is a useless body part, and they removed it from the dead bodies before the process of mummification. Over the years, the importance of the mind was realized, and today its complexity perplexes the scientists even today.

It is believed that an average person is only able to utilize 5-6% of his/ her brain during his/ her lifetime. The famous scientist Albert Einstein is said to have used most of his brain to date, i.e., approximately 7%. The part of the brain that a person utilizes becomes yellow and consuming 100% of the brainpower, is considered to be impossible.

The size of the brain also varies in different creatures. Humans are believed to have the most advanced brain compared to all the species present on earth, and that is why human civilization has been able to establish supremacy. But, the constant exploitation of the earth to satisfy the ever-growing needs of humans has caused various problems. The resources of the planet have depleted, many species are endangered, and pollution levels are an all-time high. The supremacy seems to be doing more harm than good.

Every individual wish to develop their intellect and increase brain power. Here are a few tips that help in keeping the brain healthy:-


Exercise is not only helpful in keeping the body healthy. It also helps in the proper functioning of the brain. After a good exercise session, we feel more content and happy. Exercise is essential for all the ages as it prevents various ailments of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, stress, etc. Boarding school students have training as a crucial part of their curriculum. Elders can engage in light practices or even yoga to keep themselves healthy and active. The problems related to memory can also be solved through exercise as in a healthy body; it resides a healthy mind.


 A well-balanced meal is vital for everyone. Essential nutrients significantly affect our brains. Unhealthy food, which contains high volumes of saturated fats, processed sugars, and glycaemic index, can shoot up the blood sugar levels. These, in turn, can decrease the quantity of beta-amyloid in the body, which is an essential protein that helps in fighting severe diseases like Alzheimer’s. Lack of vitamins can also affect the functionality of the other organs. Hence, a proper meal sufficient with all the critical vitamins and minerals should be consumed daily. For growing children, this concern is even more essential.


Music is the remedy of the soul that soothes the mind and makes us feel better. Listening to good music can relieve stress, uplift the mood, and also helps in concentrating. Music training or learning an instrument can be very beneficial in boosting the IQ of the person as it helps in improving brain processing and enhancing the cognitive, analytical, and concentration skills. If you want to increase your analytical speed, then you should invest your time in learning a new musical instrument like a piano, violin, guitar, etc.


If a person does not sleep for several days, then he/ she may start having hallucinations fall sick, and in more severe cases, may also die. Sleep is a very crucial activity, and proper sleep is vital for proper brain functioning. A recommended amount of sleep is vital for every living creature to behave normally and carry out various tasks without difficulty. When students experience a lack of sleep, their performance gets hampered, and they experience stress and anxiety. Sleep also affects the immunity of a person and makes us susceptible to catch diseases easily.


Get connected with nature. Our instincts draw us to our natural surroundings, and we feel more peaceful and complacent in such a setting. Try and explore the wonders of nature. Discover new beings and observe them. To restore our attention span and to take a break from our hectic lives, nature exploration can be the best activity. Students, as well as adults, can go for hikes, camping, or simply walk around a public park to rejuvenate the mind and keep ourselves happy.


Meditation helps in the holistic empowerment of a person. The significance of meditation has also been highlighted in some of the elite ancient epics. Meditation helps us control our minds. One of the greatest evils that a person possesses is negativity and self-demotivating thoughts. Meditation helps in controlling such thoughts and establishing a more complacent and fulfilling lifestyle.

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