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Importance of vocational education and training

Importance of vocational education and training

Vocational education or vocational training refers to the non-academic education/ training that prepares a person to learn specific new skills that are required for the specific Jobs like a technician, skilled craftsman, artisan or they could trade as a  tradesperson. The main aim of vocational education is to transform unskilled workers into skilled workers so they can become professional in their own fields. 

Earlier, Vocational training was not so popular and most people depend on traditional schools and colleges education to gain knowledge and certifications which could help them get to their dream career, However, now things have quiet changes as people started to realise that schools and colleges education is quite diversified and is not centric to one particular career so when students pass out schools and colleges they don’t have the skills required practical experience required for the career and then they had to take up vocational education in order to get the desired job.

Nowadays, Vocational education or training has become so popular among students as there are so many vocational institutions providing vocational courses like Animation Courses, Marketing Courses, Finance and Banking, Air-hostess and etc available which a student can pursue just after class 12th and can make a career in the field they love. The government is also focused on promoting and supporting Vocational training as it is for anyone who is interested to learn new skills and become professionals in the field.

Demand for vocational professionals has increased globally and various industries choose vocational professionals over a college degree holder as vocational  professionals possess skills which the companies  require so some schools like girls boarding schools in India and colleges should also include vocational training so the students can gain overall experience of both traditional education and work experience which will help them develop valuable skills and they can make a career around it 

Importance of Vocational Education / Training 

  • Vocational Training can really help students who had to drop out of school and colleges due to numerous reasons but desires to become professional and get a well-paid job, Vocational Training provides them with all the required knowledge as well as training and makes them job-ready. Companies also look for candidates with vocational training as they are more reliable than a normal degree holder without any relevant experience.


  • Vocational training provides first-hand experience to students and it works as an introduction as it makes employees ready for a workstation so they can get familiar with the work and environment so when they get the actual job they can perform their task much better as they are better prepared.


  • Vocational Education gives a competitive edge to students over the normal degree holder as most companies and business are looking for someone that can add value to the company and they also don’t have to spend time training them so a person with vocational education/ training will always get the edge over other as they possess all the required knowledge and skills so they can add value to the organisation and they don’t need training as they are ready to straightaway work. 


  • Vocational education/training are generally for short term duration as one can become professional in 6 months – 2 years which could save a lot of time as a normal degree takes up to 3 years plus the MBA take up to 2 years and still study shows that how so many MBA, PHD graduates are not getting the desired jobs so vocational education help students save time and still able to get high paid jobs.


  • Academic Education has become quite tedious as students are not engaged with the information provided by teachers as they don’t find the information valuable enough to pay attention However in Vocational education students are more engaged as they know they are learning something valuable which will help them to become successful.


  •  The biggest importance of Vocational education/training is that a person study, learn and receives knowledge related to their dream career only so they can easily pursue their dream career whereas a lot of people studies multiple unrelated subjects in schools and colleges and will finds it hard to get the desired job as they don’t possess related skills and they are forced do a job just for sake of money,  job, fewer alternatives and professionals compromise.


Academic Education is necessary for the students in order to build the education foundation but school and colleges should definitely consider implementing some vocational training to their students so they receive valuable career-related knowledge. It will not only help students but it will help schools and colleges as it will restore the faith of parents who spend money on children’s education.


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