How To Help Students To Be Independent Learners

How To Help Students To Be Independent Learners

Independent learning is essential for students to become successful. When the students set objectives, assess, and monitor their own academic growth, it is known as independent learning. It is vital so that students can handle Read more

The spine of IB creativity activity service CAS

The spine of IB Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

The International Baccalaureate programme is one of the most sought after programmes in the educational industry. The CAS system plays a very integral role in the IB programme carried out by many schools. CAS stands Read more

online education

How Online Educations Works and How It Is Changing Indian Education Landscape

Introduction A few years ago, the state of the Indian education system was significantly dingy and apathetic. Several issues had been bothering the education system like lack of practical knowledge, outdated syllabus, insufficient quality teachers, Read more

Montessori Method

The Montessori Method and Sensitive Periods for Kid’s Learning

Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy, pioneered an approach to the education of children known as The Montessori Method. Her entire life, she studied how children learn. A developmental theory explaining her approach Read more

Benefits of Visual Learning

How is visual learning more beneficial than traditional learning

Benefits of visual learning  Visual learning is more beneficial and works on the principle of explanation by showing how to do and not by telling. At times of traditional training, students became part of blackboard Read more