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Being a role model for your children: key factors

Millennials have been widely praised for many things, but according to research carried out by the Fatherhood Institute some of that praise has been based on inaccurate assumptions. Researchers also found that fathers do more housework and childcare than they did in the past, but they are still nowhere near as involved in their children’s lives as their own dads were. If you’re a millennial father, it seems there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, so here at Fatherly, we’ve taken the time to wade through all of it to bring you some genuinely useful tips for how you can raise good kids.


Millions of parents every year struggle to raise good children. Because of the difficulties, it is tempting for parents to give up parenting their kids and allowing them to make decisions for themselves. You’ve heard that parents are the first and most influential role models for their kids. It’s a huge challenge — raising children — but one I think we can all be well prepared for. Being a role model for your children isn’t just important, it’s a key factor in the development of their personalities. Here are four aspects you should try to keep in mind while trying to be a role model for your child.


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Being a role model to your children is very important, and by that, I mean being a good role model. While we all have our bad days, as parents we should try to be positive role models for our kids. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It means to show them what it means to be a good person and how to handle certain situations. Trying your best at being a great parent is the first step towards being a great role model for your children, 

There are other factors that also contribute:

They look up to you: Children need someone they can look up to, and their parents are the main people in their lives. They will likely follow your lead when it comes to things like schoolwork and relationships. If you handle these things well, they will likely do the same.


They hang out with you: Your child’s friends are going to be a big part of their life, so make sure they spend time with positive people who will help them grow into positive adults. Spending time with positive people also helps you and your child avoid negative influences.


Some of these things are easier than others, but if you work on these points, you can be a great role model for your children and show them how to be good people


Being a role model is an important part of parenting. You have to set the bar high for your children, show them the difference between right and wrong, and how to do things correctly. It may be difficult to do so when you’re a busy parent trying to balance work, home, and family life, but taking that extra time for your children in their early years will help them succeed later in life.


Treat others with respect. Modeling respect and teaching your children about kindness begins with how you treat people you encounter every day – at work, at home, and on the streets. What you say and do can influence how your children behave, especially if they are young. If you speak to others in a kind way, they are more likely to respond in kind.


Set goals for yourself and encourage your children to set goals as well. The goal could be anything from getting a good education to being an active community member or helping others less fortunate than yourself. Helping your child set goals can motivate him or her to take some responsibility and make good choices that will help him or her reach those goals.


Encourage your kids to try new things. Letting your children explore can help them discover what they’re good at, what interests them and what kind of activities they like.


If you want your kids to be kind and caring, then be kind and caring yourself. If they want to be smart and intelligent, then set an example by being smart and intelligent yourself. Your family sees who you are every day, and this is how they will learn how to act as well. This means that if you want them to do well in school, then do well in school yourself!


Parenting can sometimes be hard work but it is worth it when you see the person that your child has become because of the way you raised him or her!


Being a role model for your children will shape who they are and what they become. By following the examples of good role models, your children will see how to make decisions in their lives. You can introduce your children to sports and lessons that you believe in. If you model kindness, honesty, empathy, fairness, and perseverance, these characteristics will be shared with your family and friends. A good role model is someone who lives the values they want others to see and adopt.


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