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Importance Of Sports Along With Education

Education is one of the most important things in our life. Parent’s at a very young age of their children start to think about their kid’s career, in which school they would take admission, where would he study after 12 etc.

Well, education surely plays a very important role in our life, but there are many other things which play a very important role in our life along with education, and that is Sports. Earlier parents and the school authorities don’t use to give importance to sports, and they believed that taking part in sports or other extracurricular activities doesn’t affect student life, but nowadays the notion has been changed. Parents slowly understand the importance of sports, along with education in children’s life. They are encouraging their kid’s to go out and spend some time with their friends, play and develop an interest in sports and whatnot. Even the school authorities of boarding schools in Dehradun have understood the fact that sports play a very vital role in a student’s life and encourage the students to play a different kind of sports on a daily basis.

Long gone are the days when the life of a student used to revolve only around studying day and night, getting good marks in exams and always thinking about competing with other students in the class. When only the academic life of a student was given importance to. The concept of education has changed drastically over time to the more holistic development of students. School and parents are encouraging their students to take part in extracurricular activities and other activities to become an all-rounder.

Sports combined with education helps students in their overall development. Sports keep their mind and body healthy so that they can perform better at school. Sports teaches many things to students from taking ownership of any task to leading any activity they get better at everything. They learn to become a better team player; they learn to adjust in between people and whatnot. These activities also help students to relax sometime from their daily stressed routine.

Benefits Of Physical Education

Stay Fit and healthy

When you are involved in physical activity, you are bound to remain healthy and fit, and this will keep your mind calm and healthy, and this will, in turn, help you in your studies.

Boost self-confidence

When you are able to play with a bunch of kids, keep your point in front of them and compete against them to win, this will instil self-confidence in yourself.

Reduce stress

Taking part in sports would help you to reduce your stress. You would be able to perform better in school and in day to day activities. Your concentration and efficiency would increase.

Improve sleep

When you are involved in physical activity, your mind and bodies will crave for sleep. Playing use up all the energy from kids body and thus this helps them to sleep better and on time.

Develop team and leadership skills

Teamwork is essential in sports, all kind of sports need the players to work in a team and listen to what everyone has to say. One can’t ignore others opinion and give priority to their own this would create confusion in team.

As they discover the importance of teamwork in sports, they will slowly develop leadership skills in themselves and become team captain. They would have to take a decision for their team, and this would help them ahead in life.

Imbibe patience, persistence and discipline

Sports teaches a lot of things to us. Some of them are patience, persistence and discipline, learning a sport would require all these things, and once you master these small qualities in sports, you will see how these small things would help you in life.

Sports has a direct impact on the physical health of the child and increasing their physical stamina. One of the most important thing that sports teach us to be in discipline. Learning a particular sports needs patience, persistence and discipline and these qualities get imbibed in children who are involved in sports activities.

This does not mean that parents and school authorities should allow students to play all the time. Students need to keep a balance in their life between studying and sports. Even if some students want to pursue a career in sports background, they need to understand the fact that a good academic background is needed for that also. Education plays a pillar in a student’s life, wherever they go, and whatever they do, their education background would be asked and questioned. So they need to give equal importance to each and everything.

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