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Top schools of gymnastics, located in India

Indian Gymnastics Academy, Pune

Welcome to Indian Gymnastics Academy, Pune.

They are a group of professionals working towards developing gymnastics in India at all levels and age groups. Their students range from toddlers (3 years) to adults. They encourage all our students to participate in competitions at various levels – local, state, and national!

The Indian Gymnastics Academy is dedicated exclusively to the development of gymnasts as well as to bringing the sport of gymnastics to every child. The academy is a pioneer in training facilities for children and has been instrumental in producing both National & State level gymnasts for Maharashtra State as well as India.


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Fittest Gymnastics, Bangalore

Fittest Gymnastics has been providing quality services for many years and has become a trusted name in the field of gymnastics. Our trained staff provides a wide range of gymnastics services including aerobics, yoga, dance, martial arts, swimming, weight training, and more.

They are able to provide the best service in the industry due to their experience and expertise in the field. Their team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in this field and they will be able to provide you with the best service that you deserve.

They offer various programs for their customers including fitness classes, dance classes, martial arts classes, and much more. We also provide fitness equipment for those who want to exercise at home or in a gym.

They also offer a program for kids where they can learn about gymnastics through fun activities and games. These activities include trampolines, barbells, rings, balance beams, and much more. All these activities are designed to promote physical fitness among children as well as adults.


IGC (Institute of Gymnastics and Combat), Kolkata

IGC (Institute of Gymnastics and Combat), Kolkata has been awarded as the “Best Sports and Adventure Institute in India” by Star News as a part of The Biggest Indian Brands Awards 2012. In 2011, IGC has won the “National Award for Excellence in Sports” from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

The institute is affiliated with the Gymnastics Federation of India (GFI). It is also associated with International Gymnastics Federation, International Wushu Federation, International Judo Federation, Fédération Internationale de Musculation, World Taekwondo Federation, etc.

The Institute has been established to undertake and promote all activities relating to the promotion, conduct, and development of gymnastics at all levels including promotion of awareness and participation in various fields in order to spread the message of health and fitness through the practice of gymnastics.


GK Gymnastics Academy, Chennai

GK Gymnastics Academy is a state-of-the-art gymnastics training center in Chennai. We provide the best infrastructure and quality coaching for all ages and skill levels. We offer programs in artistic gymnastics, trampoline, acrobatics, and fitness.

GK Gymnastics Academy provides the perfect setting for young kids to explore their abilities and get physically active. Our programs are designed to teach the joy of physical movement to children as well as help them learn new motor skills.

It is the right place to begin developing a lifetime of health, fitness, and sportsmanship with a fun, safe, and challenging recreational program.

Their gymnastics classes are suitable for kids aged 3 years and above. Our coaches have been trained at some of the best gymnastics training centers in the country and abroad. They have also hosted national-level events and have been recognized by the Tamil Nadu Gymnastics Association (TNGA).


Surya School Gymnastics, Ahmedabad

Surya School Gymnastics is a leading franchisee for all the products of Surya School. They are one of the top-rated franchisees with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. They have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. They believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price.

The story of Surya started in 2000 when Mr. Ashok, who was a high school dropout, started this gym as a part-time business to earn some extra money and support his family.

They believe in keeping their customers happy and providing them with products at a very competitive price. They are sure that you would love their products, as they come with great quality and are worth every penny you spend!



India is a country of diversity, and hence it is difficult to make an assessment regarding education in India. One of the very important streams is the education system in gymnastics which has really produced some of the big names who have made it big in the international circuit. If a student wants to study gymnastics, then there are some really good schools that specialize in this sport, and if you want to pursue gymnastics as a career, then aspiring athletes should take inspiration from these schools and strive to follow in their footsteps.


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