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Why Do So Many Kids Struggle With Mathematics Problems

Science and mathematics are considered to be two vital subjects that help in instilling real-life functionality knowledge among the students. This is popularly known as STEM education, which stands for- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The human progress and all the inventions or innovations over the years can be credited to STEM education. Therefore, STEM is a crucial part of world development. 

Our existence in the world today and the present scenario of the earth has only been made possible through STEM. It is essential to educate the students about the basic concepts of science and mathematics as they are critical in various spheres of life. While it’s significance cannot be denied, the students sometimes face problems and struggle with STEM education. In this, the majority of students face difficulties in mathematics. So what is the reason behind this lack of understanding? Why do students fear mathematics? Many people are excellent at solving mathematics problems, and for them, this subject is a cakewalk, but several others have a hard time getting around the concepts. So what is the reason behind such disparities?

The reason lies within the fundamental development of the topic itself. If a child starts to have problems in understanding the topic from a young age, their doubts should be efficiently cleared then only. As the child progresses through the grades, the level of subject increases and the unclarity in the basic concepts acts as a significant hindrance. The struggle hence amplifies. In higher grades, such students need a difficult time understanding the concepts. This is quite a common practice among the kids, and this does not imply that a student lacks intellect. Mathematics is an analytical subject, and the students who have better analyzation and problem-solving skills are naturally better at this. With proper guidance, every student can become proficient in the subject.

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Reasons Why Children Fear Mathematics

Maths Is An Orderly Game Of Numbers

Maths is a sequential subject that requires the implementation of concepts. It is like a predetermined action plan that infuses different scenarios in the form of numbers. Hence, it is like a building block. A student cannot learn new things if the previous step is not clear. Everything in maths is co-related. Every step needs to be adequately understood. One cannot just skip over to the next part just because the current concept is hard to grasp. 

Kids have a relatively hard time adjusting to a new class if the concepts of the previous grade are not clear. It is like playing a game at different levels. Like with progressing level, the game becomes more elaborate, maths also become more detailed with subsequent class. No one can skip to a higher level without having a proper base. 

Sometimes children feel anxious about raising their doubts and concerns, but the first step towards learning anything is by accepting your shortcomings. If a student feels uncertain about something, he/ she should refer to the teacher without any fear. A teacher should also ensure an encouraging environment for such students to assure them that they will not be ridiculed or judged in the process.

Maths Demands Practice

Maths is not something that one can mug up or form an opinion about. It is a systematic subject. Once the concept has been grasped, the next thing is practical application. Hence, maths is a subject that develops through practice. It follows the PMP rule, also known as “Practice Makes Perfect.”

When you learn something related to maths in a class, you should practice it at home the same day. This way, the retention ability of the student also increases. 

This can be considered as one of the foremost reasons that the students struggle in maths- lack of practice. One needs to understand that maths is not a natural talent, and there is no shortcut in the process. Maths is an engaging subject that demands dedication and work. 

Maths Needs Attention

When solving maths problems, one cannot just listen to music or multitask. Maths demands undivided attention. Various steps and calculations are involved, and even a little bit of distraction can make us lose track. Therefore, students need to improvise their concentration to do well in maths.

Practical Applications Of Mathematics

One reason that students don’t consider maths as an essential subject is that they consider it to be a very unimportant subject. They do not seem to know the real-life applications of the concepts they are learning; hence they tend to lose interest. Teachers should teach mathematics through examples and educate the student’s regarding the implementation of concepts. This will improvise their involvement and also their will to learn.

Maths Anxiety

The wrong impression of the subject in the minds of the students is a major cause of maths anxiety. They make a general assumption that maths is challenging. Students feel intimidated by the subject. Hence, teachers should help in eliminating this anxiety.

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