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  • Post published:Feb 8, 2021
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Will Private Schools Survive the Next Wave of the Pandemic?

Last year when news broke out that coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire and every country is affected by it forcing them to declare a worldwide lockdown. Nobody has ever dreamed that they would see a time where literally everything was closed in the whole world.Private schools provide quality education to their students, but they also run businesses, and they are also affected due to pandemic.

Every sector faced problems during lockdown while many business and large corporations  after  facing some hardships still managed to  handle the effects but the only sector which was not prepared for the lockdown was private schools not only  do they have problems in implementing online education as they only provide classroom based learning  the other problems was that they don’t have any emergency fund available for to handle this type of crisis they were  stuck in a bad situation where not even the government could have helped them out as Government has to take care of Government Schools and colleges.  As schools were closed parents were not hesitant to deposit fees  but the schools have to  pay salaries to the teachers plus they have to implement online technology to provide education to the children to their home via online methods which again is a  difficult and expensive task. 

It’s been almost been one year since the Pandemic affected the world everything is going back to normal business and shops have open up and the world is going back to normal but there is still little fear as the Experts has warned about the second wave of the pandemic that will be more strong than the earlier one so everyone is taking precautions and this is the reason why schools and colleges haven’t been opened but due to board exam schools are allowing classroom-based learning for high school students only but the primary school is still closed as a school can’t take the risk. 


If the second wave of the pandemic broke out private schools like boarding schools in Dehradun are well prepared for the crisis as it’s been a year since teachers are providing online learning to the students so they are getting used to this new way of teaching and they can easily teach students from the comfort of their home and help them with every problem they gave just like the classroom-based learning and secondary the parents are mentally prepared for the pandemic they have no problem to pay fees if their children are getting good quality education in their home without the risks as they want their children education does not get affected by any crisis.


Best practices for private schools to survive the next wave pandemic


  • Implement Distance Learning – Even if tomorrow everything gets fine and the pandemic just disappear school has to focus more on providing Distance Education to children as this is one of the best ways of teaching students from the comfort of their home and we all saw the importance of distance education at the time of covid-19 Pandemic where every school depends heavily on it. It not only provides one to one connection with the teachers but this type of education is very convenient as it’s easy to implement and safe both for the students and teachers. 
  • Private School should have an Emergency Fund – Through Private school provides good quality education to their students but in the end, it’s a business and there should be a safety net for the schools at the time of crisis if schools take out a small part of their profit time to time and kept as an emergency fund so that in future even if there is a crisis they don’t have to worry about the financial part and they can smoothly provide the students a good quality education.
  • Stop overCrowding of classes – The main problem why schools were not able to open the schools because some schools have overcrowded each class so when schools got the option to open a school at the time pandemic they were not able to open because they were unable to provide social distancing in the classroom as each class has literally 50-60 kids so how can they follow social distancing rules so they should make the class less crowded not only they can provide social distancing in future in the second wave comes but it also will help teachers in paying attention to every student. 
  • Follow the Pandemic Guidelines- Govt has provided some guidelines for schools in order to keep children safe like wearing mask, sanitizing hands regularly and etc so the school should focus more till the virus is over and everything comes back to normal.

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