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What Makes Indian Boarding Schools Unique?

Boarding schools have a lot in common with ancient Gurukuls, where students were being sent to be chiseled out into physically, cognitively, and emotionally strong new citizens with all personality characteristics. The same ideas apply to today’s boarding schools. Children are being sent to boarding schools when they reach a specific age, in which they must stay on campus with other children under the guidance of staff members. Students are not only educated, but also given opportunities to participate in educational and recreational activities.


Traditional educational paradigms have been supplanted by boarding schools. It has added a new dimension to the subject of education. In India, the notion of boarding schools is very important. There are several explanations why these boarding schools are unique in India and are now the preferred choice of every parent and child in recent years. The tendency is shifting now, as students from low households are now enrolling in these residential schools.


What is the procedure for boarding school?

Boarding schools may be a very unique experience for everybody, depending on the institution you’ll be attending. Many boarding schools are military-based, which means the rules are more stringent and the daily schedule is harder too. Depending on the university you’ll be going to, boarding schools might be a different experience for all of us. Some boarding schools are military-oriented, which means the restrictions are stricter and the daily regimen is more difficult.


Living away from your family might be terrifying for individuals who may have never left the house before, but then you’ll soon realize the benefits and obligations of living independently, which will equip you again for the future once you live on your own even without the oversight of a family member or parent-figure.


Factors that distinguish Indian Boarding schools from other boarding schools


     1.   Faculty

 In boarding schools, the majority of faculties and teaching personnel are well trained. The teacher pays close attention to the pupils 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When needed, students can also contact their educators and other administration employees. It allows them to communicate freely with one another. It also guarantees that they are on the same page and have a defined reciprocal relationship.


      2.  Security & Discipline

That is among the most noticeable characteristics of Indian boarding schools. They’re famed for their discipline and security. Children living and studying at residential schools are subjected to 24-hour supervision. It protects the protection of each youngster at this facility. Strict norms and regulations are established, which all pupils must adhere to.


      3.  Education of high quality

Residential schools seek to prepare young people for life as well as provide a high-quality education. Kids here are appropriately trained, developing into potential world leaders as well as business managers, thanks to their abundance of activities aimed at cultivating the attitude of leadership and innovation.


By sparking the spark of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership abilities in its students, these institutions empower students into becoming job creators rather than job seekers.

      4.  Encourage creativity, self-assurance, and independence

Boarding schools are well-known for enforcing severe rules for pupils of all ages. This provides parents with the assurance that their children are in a safe and secure setting. They get more self-assurance and freedom as a result of these. When compared to the students in day schools, boarding school kids are more imaginative.

Boarding School students are supplied with the best techniques and effective learning experiences, as a result of which the majority of brilliant brains develop.


      5.   Top-Notch Sports Facilities

Physical education instruction is required for intense coaching in practically all sports, and kids are given a variety of activities and athletic equipment. Boarding schools are regarded for giving top-notch instruction in many sports.

They include a full-day exciting program for instilling sports, practical skills, co-curricular programs, academic, non-scholastic, soft skill training time, cultural, and numerous other community outreach in its pupils, with a strong focus on leadership positions.


     6.     Moral and Cultural Values

Students from all around India, as well as international students, come here to study & live at India’s premier residential institutions. This distinguishes them as a “hub of social and cultural learning” that day schools cannot provide. As a result, students who attend Boarding Schools have a better understanding of diverse cultures, communities, and faiths. It enables them to comprehend and interact with a variety of people.

The Residential Schools achieved a good balance by combining eastern culture with modern education modules, all while preserving a rich tradition in a heavenly setting. As a result, it is both a house of worship and a center of study.

      7.  Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

In India, boarding schools offer state-of-the-art facilities to aid in the preening of their pupils. A Boarding School provides all sorts of academics and non-scholastic amenities, from bright courses to smart digital classes, well-equipped labs, research centers to handicraft (art and design hall) & an exercise club to a dance and music academy.

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