Science week 2019 | Ecole Globale

Science week 2019

In order to inculcate appreciation and importance of Science in everyday life as well as educate about the possibilities of the subject as a career maker, Ecole Global International Girls’ School conducted a ‘Science Week’ for its students from 12th to 17th Oct 2019. Various events and competitions were conducted to encourage participation, healthy competition and curiosity for learning. The competitions were held as Inter House events and were enthusiastically fought by the four Houses named after the four elements of mother nature – Ignis, Terra, Aqua and Aer. Inter House Science Quiz Competition was won by Aer House. Inter House Board Decoration Competition was won by Ignis House.

Inter House Science Experiment Competitions for Senior and Junior category were won by Terra and Aqua Houses respectively. All houses performed or created 4 experiments each, creating hovercraft, lava lamps, rainbow colours and rotating lamps and such other very interesting creations.

The week concluded with the Inter House Rocket Launching Competition on 17th Oct, the birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam, the father of the Indian Missile Programme and the 11 President of India, as a tribute to his contribution to Science and India. Ecoliers created and launched air pressure powered mini rockets, with Terra House winning the concluding competition. Ecoliers displayed their innovative skills and inquisitive nature as well as a will to learn and enjoy the unique opportunity that the week offered, making ‘Science Week’ a grand success.