Are Boarding Schools better than Day Schools?

Every parent wants their children to get the proper and best education. For this, they try their best by sending their kids to good private schools or else to a better environment. But nowadays, the major problem among parents is how to choose the best school for their children.

Earlier they used to think that sending their kids to boarding school may spoil the kids overall well-being. The children will get in bad company or acquire bad habits, spending money extravagantly & wasting time on partying, their state of mind changes differently.

Most people now days are living in nuclear families, where only the mother & father are there for the supervision of child. But mostly or almost both of them are working so they did not have enough time to look after their kids or to give proper guidance to them. Wholly, a kid needs love, affection and utmost care. As it is really true that with lack of proper monitoring and training, children become untrained, undisciplined & disobedience. So that’s why people are heading towards the route of boarding schools.


A number of questions arise in parent minds regarding boarding schools. Some or most of the queries are:

Are boarding schools better than day schools for their children?

Do they acquire good or bad company there?

Shall there be helping & supportive staff?

Will there be proper equipment, library, science or computer labs?

Is the curriculum of study is related to CBSE or any other?

As there are variety of good schools countrywide. So the parents have good choice of sending their kids to a better place to learn things and get education. Boarding schools are now in greater demand & the ratio of this has changed. Now Parent wants to send their children to boarding schools so that they can develop good habits, live in good environment and in the supervision. So they will get a quality education as well as individual attention.


The main criteria is of the budget, as private schools have high fees, but as compared to the boarding schools they not provide that much facility, environment, infrastructure and well-equipped tools for the education of children. Parents now have developed their mindset to send their kids to best boarding schools in order to give them a better education in their own comparison. Most importantly, after gaining education they will be capable & independent enough to earn in big figures in their life.


Studying in boarding allows a child to nurture better as he lives independently far away from home. Each student is taught independently with all the facilities & tend to maintain leadership among the fellow mates. Attention to overall development of a child is given and to learn better is the first priority. It is important to get education in today’s world but it’s also necessary that we choose better place.

As the child gets attached to daily atmosphere living in the same place particularly for a couple of years. Some used to stay there even in the vacations, some go to their native place to meet their Parents. Thus, by observing this new change in their children’s attitude & lifestyle parents feel good and thus remember their hard action of sending their children far away.

People who also studied in these type of boarding schools can understand the need, importance and benefits of admitting their children in boarding schools. A child gets several benefits as he follows a disciplined lifestyle & study pattern at the boarding schools under the guidance & supervision of well-educated staff. Thus, by looking at all the benefits, the ratio of students turning towards boarding schools has increased with time.