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To bring a success story into reality, it needs a success mantra. Every successful personality follows a specific schedule, Routines help students to focus on learning and also help them to understand what is expected of them. a particular routine that gets them from absolute to an unapproachable, uncountable height. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have been enlisted on top of the list of most successful personalities of 2021 around the world. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of the world’s top-ranked online store Amazon, and Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, the first organization to propose space travel and tourism. The process of success is not easy; it is made higher and higher through the strongest pillars of failure. Nobody has ever reached such a height with absolutely no loss; everyone has a different story of damage which somehow forms a strong and trusted foundation of success.

Being a student, we are all generally at our growing age where we are full of enthusiasm, excitement, energies, and imagination powers. All these elements require to be implemented and arranged productively so that we can be a part of healthy development and raise of the society and nature. A good schedule is necessary for good academic and non-academic scores and is also essential to bring discipline and ethical morals. It helps in the student’s overall growth and stretches the physical strengths and mental powers of the student.




Academics are the primary part of school learning. Academic learning should be done with proper focus and a solid academic base. Make arrangements for daily-based home learning. During these hours, you can either revise things taught today or learn and read about topics scheduled for tomorrow to be taught in school; even the students can find enough space for both learnings. Good academic education will help you earn good grades and also good knowledge about subjects and different topics. Therefore engage proper hours to study after school or college hours according to the class you are in.


Sports and games are fun. Always have proper hours of sports activities in which you can include indoor and outdoor games. Games and sports improve mental and physical fitness, therefore are must practice during the growth years of the children. Sports activity improves focus and teaches discipline, while games help plan better winning strategies and strengthen brain muscles. The more your body will participate in activities, the better your growth will be managed. Humans are capable of immense powers that are limitless; as you try to push these powers, you will learn better and improve yourself. Similarly, if you never try to relax more, your strengths will begin to shrink, and you won’t even perform the tiny tasks.


Everyone loves to take part in fun activities, and some of these activities are our favorite. These favorite activities have some professional approach and become a passion. In general, passion is something that you enjoy doing and can do in any situation or mood. Passion is your stress-buster activity. You must never lose interest in things that you love to do or perform and if you haven’t found your passion yet, then see it as soon as possible. It is your passion for things that keep you alive and happy. Whenever you feel low or disheartened, you must always try to cheer yourself with things you love to do. Some like to dance; some like to read, some like to draw, some like to write, some like to sing, some like to do math, some love to learn, etc. These are the things that spread happiness.


Meals are our energy providers as a vehicle requires fuel to run; similarly, our body needs food. Taking a balanced diet and taking a diet at the proper time is essential. Never eat food in bulk, nor practice over-eating. Overeating is the primary cause of obesity and laziness, and you cannot risk your victory due to inactivity. Having an active body is essential for you to be healthy. The active body has an active mind which is the sign of you being smart.


It is advised to take a good amount of sound sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours on average during a day. Too little sleep makes you sleep deprived, which causes unconsciousness, dizziness, weakness, and daydreaming. On the other hand, too much sleep makes you lazy, freezes your body, body aches, etc. it is always said that, “early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise!”. This old saying is gold, if you follow it properly, you will never fall sick, and your body will feel active all day long.

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