Graduation ceremony

Life, they say, is a culmination of simple moments, moments that make your heart beat, stir your soul and redefine the garb of ecstasy. On the 8th of February, 2020, Ecole Globale International Girls’ School witnessed one such moment: its Annual Graduation Ceremony. With a solemn aura in the air, the occasion was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Dr. Ekta Uniyal, Director General, Home Guards and Civil Defense Uttarakhand, Mrs. Roopa Gosain, the Officiating Principal, the members of the Alumni, the staff and the students. Mr. Amarjeet Singh Juneja, the President and Mr. Tarun Jyot Singh Juneja, the Director, conveyed their good wishes for the success of the gathering. 

As a gesture of peerless appreciation, the parents of the graduating cohort were invited to witness the achievements of their wards – indelible moments to go down memory lane. 

The evening lit up with the Officiating Principal’s speech, through which she congratulated the students and their parents for a successful innings of graduation. It was followed by the recitation of slokas, speeches by parents, the alumni, the Chief Guest and the Head Girl of the graduating batch of 2020. If the song ‘Sad to Say Goodbye’ added a chord of nostalgia to the semi-lit hall, the placing of candles to an excellent rendition of ‘Auld Lang’s Syne’ gave the crowd a reason to hope…hope that transcends social hindrances, hope that sees beyond the visible, hope that reverberates till eternity.