The Masterchef Inter House Competition was held on 2nd May. Each House team comprised 6 members who made a dessert, salad, beverage and showed their skill at napkin folding. From Indian delicacies to global cuisine we had it all. The girls rustled up a gourmet’s delight with variety ranging from the Turkish salad to fresh crepes with strawberry coulis and clotted cream, tiramisu, aam porar sherbet, Salad with pita chips and baba ghanoush, shrikhand, mocktails, Apple crumble with Strawberry icecream and so much more. The passion and the skill they brought to the event was simply amazing.

  1. Best Salad- Terra.
  2. Best Dessert- Aqua and Ignis.
  3. Best Beverage- Aqua.
  4. Best Napkin folding- Terra.

Overall Results

  1. Aqua
  2. Terra
  3. Aer
  4. Ignis