“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential. These are the keys that open the door to a person’s excellence”

While numbers do not mean anything, it is easier to quantify success in the numbers that our students have marked as milestones for the School and for the future batches. They surely speak of the hard work and toil put in by the students.

Ecole Globale International Girls’ School is ever proud of its girls who shatter their own records every time they step into the battlefield of academics. With a high desire to beat the mediocrity, the students take the extra mile each passing year to achieve greater heights. The last few years have seen Ecole Globale succeeding by leaps and bounds in their respective Board Examinations, held in Grade X and XII.

Highlights of the most recent Class X CBSE Results 2019-20 are as follows:

Alike every year, Ecole has secured a 100% result in 2019-20 also.

The overall performance stood at an aggregate of 83%, which is higher than the last year’s average result. The School has seen a continuous rise in its all-round performance, which speaks of progress by itself.

The highest in order, 30% students scored 90% and above, individually in various subjects.

3 students scored perfect 100 in different subjects.

The topmost performers of Grade X are :

TOPPER – Divya Godara with 94.6%,

2nd TOPPER – Punya Punaini with 94.2%.

3rd TOPPER – Sneha Agarwal with 93.8%

Our Ecoliers didn’t cease to make us proud after the successful results of Class X. The declaration of Grade XII CBSE results added more feathers to the Ecole’s Hat!

The overall result of Grade XII has the following highlights:

45% students got an average of 95% marks.

84% students got an average of 90% marks.

33 students scored a perfect 100 in different subjects.

The School recorded an aggregate score of a robust 93%, which was again, much escalated as compared to the previous year’s aggregate result. The students of Grade XII who continue to make us feel proud are:

TOPPER – Aayat Azim with 98.8 %,

2nd TOPPER – Tanvi Agarwal with 98.4%

3rd TOPPER – Pearl Kapoor, Richa Rai, Stuti Chandwani with 98.2%

Among the top girls’ boarding schools in the country, Ecole Globale has scaled up in terms of results and has slowly gained the top spots among the best girls schools and best boarding schools in the country.



One Can Achieve Greatness with Learning

As Anthony J. D’Angelo rightly said, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” 

Growing is necessary for human existence. If we stop growing, we stop progressing at any stage of our life. 

To learn, one has to keep an open mind and be willing to accept that there are things they don’t know. 

Having an open mind, we can be inquisitive, making learning fun! It can also make us feel confident in our abilities as people.

Learning new things helps us develop new skills and understandings that allow us to do things better than before. That can help us feel more competent in our lives, which is an essential part of feeling good about ourselves and our experiences on Earth.

CBSE Results: The Foundation Of One’s Career

The CBSE results act as a foundation for one’s career. One’s performance in their board exams will determine the kind of college they join and the job they get after graduation. CBSE results prove a student’s hard work and dedication and are crucial in helping students decide between schools or career paths.

The results act as a foundation for one’s career. It leads to the right job opportunities, better ways of dealing with stress and the ability to achieve more in life.

You mustn’t just focus on your result but also on what you can do to improve your performance in the future.

class xth toppers

Students from Ecole Globale International Girls’ School excelled in their class 10 CBSE results. Mahek Rajpara from Ecole Globale achieved an excellent grade in the CBSE Class X Board Examination, 2021–2022, scoring 96.2 per cent.

Jiya Shah and Priyama Mukherjee came in second and third, scoring 96% and 95.8% of the total points, respectively.

The children in the school get better every year. They serve as proof that achievement never ends.

The girls proved that when there is a desire for achievement, one can achieve it regardless of obstacles, despite the numerous setbacks people have experienced over the past two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The performance in class 10 CBSE results is a significant determinant in determining whether pupils will be qualified to enrol in their selected path for the eleventh grade.

One can choose between the Science, Commerce, or Arts paths by looking at one’s marks in each topic, representing how interested or uninterested one is in that field.

The students are now of an age where they may identify their interests and choose wisely. The stream one selects in class eleven ultimately determines their future employment prospects.

For instance, if a person wishes to work in the medical field, they must perform well on their science exam in class 10 since they will need to take biology in class eleven.


Mahek Rajpara96.2%
Jiya Shah96%
Priyama Mukherjee95.8%
Bhavyaa Gupta93.8%
Varshika Garodia92.8%
Sanya Bharti90.5%
Parisha Koorichh90.2%
Sadhya Dilwari90.2%
Gorja Dugar90%
class xii toppers

There were Thirty-Nine students present for the Class XII CBSE Examination. The school has a fantastic 91 per cent average.

The batch leader and average scorer, Ashi Khetan, scored 98%.

Fourteen students achieved perfect scores in six subjects. Nineteen students received a grade of at least 90%.

The top three students in each discipline are Bhavika Yadav in science (90.6%), Doyel Roy in humanities (98.4%), and Ashi Khetan in commerce (99%) (95.4 per cent).

Every year, the school’s students improve. They demonstrate that success never stops.

CBSE class 12 results are the significant criterion for determining whether students are eligible to enrol in their desired stream for the future. 

When examining one’s grades in each subject, which reflect how interested or uninterested one is in that profession, one might determine their career route.


Bhavika SharmaScience95.4
Riya PrasadScience95
Antara PaulScience91.8

Ashi KetanCommerce99
Harshita BihaniCommerce98
Mahek GuptaCommerce97.6

Doyel RoyHumanities98.4
Devanshi AgarwalHumanities97.8
Yastika KhemkaHumanities97.6