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    About Student Life

    The girls at Ecole Globale experience life in a much different way than students in other schools do. The elements of their life at Ecole include academic enrichment, sporting prowess, health and wellness, international exposure and abilities to understand different cultures. All these learnings are intertwined with the values that students inculcate through various processes. As a student at Ecole Globale, the residential school experience teaches a lot to the girls. They not only learn how to respect their teachers but also develop a sense of gratitude towards those that support their life at Ecole in some way or the other. The support staff, domestic staff, housekeeping and other elements of the campus contribute in their unique ways towards the betterment of the life of our girls at Ecole. This has a value-based impact on the students and they learn the values of gratitude, patience, perseverance, and hard work.

    A typical day in the life of an Ecolier starts early with the Morning PT, so that students can start their day afresh and with a clear mind and ample physical energy. To support the students round the clock, in their physical well-being, the School Infirmary conducts periodic dental, skin and hygiene checks. The different dimensions of academics are taught during academic time, and students get some rest-time afterward to refresh themselves. The messing facilities are one of the best among the top boarding schools and international schools across India, where the meals are well-planned to suit the bodily and cognitive needs of the children. The meals provided throughout the day have always been highly appreciated by the faculty and students.

    In addition to this, the home-work hour is specially organized in the academic block in the evenings, to clarify queries that the students may have. The faculty ensures that they can make the most of this time by giving personal attention to each child.

    The girls at Ecole have learned various self-management skills through the curriculum, pedagogy and overall experience they have through the life they witness on campus. Further, our girls grasp life skills like negotiation, adaptability, and empathy through staying the boarding houses with a diversity of student community.