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    Community Service

    Nine students along with Ms Shweta Negi, the school nursing staff and Ms Shilpa Rai went for Community Service to the Government Inter College Horawala. It was a session dedicated to health and fitness.

    It began with a practical demonstration of First Aid to deal with Cuts, Burns, Sprains, Fainting spells and period cramps. Dressing and making of ORS at home was also shown. Every item on First Aid box was shown to children along with their purpose. 

    The Ecoliers also educated the young girls about periods and hygiene. The myths were busted and the students were told about various methods of safe sanitary wear, importance of hygiene like daily bath, changing and washing of clothes, safe disposal of sanitary wear, necessity of balanced diet and regular exercises. 

    Next the girls demonstrated basics of CPR in an unresponsive person step by step. They also stressed on safe resuscitation techniques. Finally the students were educated about allergic reactions, what causes them, how to identify them and what steps should we take to deal with them.