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    On Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

    Ecole celebrated the spooky Halloween, the festival of Samhain, festive gatherings and carving Jack-o-lanterns by organizing a virtual Halloween Costume Contest open to all students on the 31st of October 2020. Our students pulled out all the stops with a fun mix of costumes that ranged from scary to super adorable. While many students presented their costumes in light-hearted ways, some also explained the deeper meanings behind their chosen costumes. The students enjoyed thoroughly and used the online platform as an opportunity to express their innate and innovative talent smartly. Not only the students, the judges too had a lot of fun checking out the work of the participants who were dressed in various outfits to mark the welcoming of good spirits and driving away of the bad spirits in their lives. The winners of the contest were:

    1st Punyaa Gupta
    2nd Preksha Khemka
    3rd Gaurisha Jain & Kirti Ahlawat

    It was heartening to see the Ecole community gather, participate in, and enjoy these kinds of special occasions together.