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    Online Dance Competition

    Ecole understands the importance of extra-curricular activities for its students to ensure their all-round development, and hence takes pride in organizing events in every situation. These activities form a part of the process of learning. One of these activities is dance which helps to build-up an emotional resilience in a child. It is not just a good form of exercise, but is also a great source for boosting creativity, imagination, confidence and focus in young hearts.

    An online Inter House Solo Dance Competition was organized by Ecole as a part of weekly activity. Due to its uniqueness, it was indeed a spectacular and memorable show. The motive behind this competition was to make students feel connected to school and to each other, spreading happiness in them. It began with great zest and excitement when in participants dressed in colorful costumes to set their home-stage on fire with their thrilling performances. Diverse performances on wide spectrum of songs  and different forms of dances like Hip- Hop, Bollywood Style, Free Style etc left the on lookers and judges with words of praise.

    The program ended with the Principal’s appreciating and encouraging words for the participants.