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    Virual Art Competition

    Everyone has an artistic imagination that leaves behind a different kind of happiness in him. Our Ecoliers unleashed the artist within them and showed the world how beautifully they could transform their imagination on canvas in the Virtual Art Competition held on the 19th of October 2020. The theme of the contest was “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”. Numerous art lovers participated and impressed the judges with their creative artistic skills. The participants beautifully portrayed their perception with colourful paintings over the canvas. Each painting was different and beautiful. They proved that if one gets timely guidance and passion, and has skill, then their ambitions can be filled with colours of success, and it was purely visible in the art pieces of the children. Finally, the efforts of all the participants were appreciated and the top three winners were congratulated for their well-deserved success. They were:

    1st Juhi Sharma grade 7
    2nd Sanvi Garg  grade 6
    3rd Manasvi Nhata Grade 7