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    Children have an innate sense of equality, fairness and justice and they can relate these concepts to their day-to-day lives. A lot of children also have the confidence to voice their opinions whenever they feel that justice has been denied. As children’s rights are a subset of human rights, they should know how to get help when they feel at risk. They also need to understand how rights apply to them and their lives.

    To make all the Ecoliers aware of their rights, a webinar on ‘Our Laws and Our Rights’ was organized at Ecole which was addressed by the Ex-Director General of Police, Mr. Pravin Dixit. All students participated with great enthusiasm and interacted online during this informative and enriching session. Our young Ecoliers put across their questions with clarity and a great sense of awareness. They discussed the importance of law and their rights as citizens of the country and understood their contribution to maintaining law and utilizing their rights in the right manner.